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Ride the Snake

Ride the snake


6th to 8th february 2022

Style. Style. And nothing but style. From the 6th to 8th February 2022, the snowboarding event "Ride the Snake" is coming to Tignes for three days of festivities where style over substance will be the name of the game. Fluid sequences, aesthetic tricks, goosebump-inducing runs: it is the pleasure of riding together and the excitement of the "perfect" run that will drive the pro snowboarders along THEIR line. The line they have imagined and created with feeling, by playing with the twenty or so gigantic and curvy modules shaped for the occasion on the Palet sector. Objective: to get that "money shot" that will be forever remembered and will make people say for a long time "snowboarding is life!”

The "snow snake" will then be made available to the general public. A unique opportunity to let everyone express their creativity!


In short, Ride the Snake is:

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