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How to enjoy Tignes in summer with your dog

How to enjoy Tignes in summer with your dog

Can't imagine a mountain vacation without your loyal four-legged friend? You are quite right ! Close proximity to the Vanoise National Park and nature reserves, pedestrian lifts, swimming in high-altitude lakes... Here are some tips to make the most of your summer walks on the trails starting from Tignes.

Are dogs allowed in Vanoise National Park and in the reserves?


Dogs are totally prohibited in the Vanoise National Park and in the Champagny nature reserve. They are however authorized in the Grande Sassière reserve but must be kept on a leash at all times.



Area in light green: Vanoise National Park

Areas in dark green: Champagny and Grande Sassière reserves


Do you have any itineraries to advise us?

  • From Tignes les Brévières, a “balcony” round trip path leads to the villages of Savinaz and Gurraz.
  • The "Via Alpina" between Tignes 1800 and Tignes le Lac with magnificent views of Lac du Chevril
  • The Laye wood by making a loop by the Croix de Combefolle or by the Daille for the more athletic hikers
  • The Chardonnet lakes from Tignes 2100 to admire the altitude lakes
  • The Nazonde chalets through the many paths in the heart of the Balme woods (departure from Les Brévières, from the car park at the level of the Brévières or Chevril tunnel)

Can dogs bathe in lakes?

Outside protected areas, dogs can bathe in lakes. However, be sure to respect the tranquility of fishermen if they are present.


Can I take the lifts with my dog?

In summer the Tovière cable car is authorized for dogs on a leash. Many hikes are accessible from the summit. These routes cross or run alongside the trails of the Bike Park, so it is strongly recommended to keep your dogs on a leash to avoid any collision.

The funicular is allowed for dogs. They can therefore accompany you to the terrasse of the Panoramic restaurant but will have to stay near the buildings because the area is in the heart of the National Park and the Champagny reserve. The descent will therefore necessarily be via the funicular.



Can my dog ​​stay free?

Outside of protected areas, there is no obligation to keep your dog on a leash in the wild. However, due to the presence of herds and wild animals, it is strongly recommended that you keep your dogs on a leash so as not to disturb pastoral life and local wildlife. As a reminder: only the straying of your dog can be blamed on you. A dog is considered to be wandering when it is no longer within sight or voice of its owner.

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