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10 words to know to (better) understand your freestyler friends

10 words to know to (better) understand your freestyler friends

Like all disciplines, freestyle has its jargon... which is enough to puzzle neophytes! Don't you know whether you should be happy that your best friend has "landed their first 720 air"? When you hear “table” and “reception”, do you think more of a banquet than a snow obstacle? Do you understand absolutely nothing about the commentators of the Olympic Games who rave about the slopestyle, big air or halfpipe events? Here are 10 basic words to remember to be part of the community of freestyle fans!

  • Freestyle: performing jumps, spins and tricks; riding on rails, boxes or in the halfpipe


skieur freestyle se lance dans un halfpipe Tignes

XGames Picture : andyparant 


  • Kicker: Jump ramp (the "hit" being the takeoff point on a half-pipe or jump)
  • Grab: Using 1 or both hands to hold either edge of the snowboard or the skis
  • Twist: rotation of the lower half of the body during a jump
  • Cab (Caballerial): A trick where the rider starts by riding switch, spins 360° and lands in the original stance


snowboard freestyle qui grab sur une table Tignes

XGames Picture : andyparant


  • Air: any jump or leap where the rider lifts off the ground; examples: Indy Air (the rear hand grabs between the bindings on the toe edge while the rear leg is boned), Method Air (both knees are bent, the front hand grabs the heel edge, and the board is pulled level with the head) or Mute Air (the front hand grabs the toe edge either between the toes or in front of the front foot)
  • Switch: riding while facing backwards. A more contemporary term for riding fakie.
  • Seven-Twenty (720) Air: The boarder rides switch, rotates 720° in the air and lands riding forward


snowboardeur sur une box snowpark Tignes

DC Park Picture 


  • Tweak: Pulling a board forward or backward while in the air
  • Jib: riding on a surface other than snow


So now go congratulate your friend about their first 720 air, that's pretty dope!





  • Take your first steps in freestyle in complete safety thanks to the Easy Park, the Tignes snowpark suitable for beginners with its green and blue level tables and rails
  • Have a look at the DC Park and its “expert” line to watch the experienced and pro riders in training (and try to recognize the tricks)
  • Follow the shapers of Tignes on Instagram to discover behind the scenes of the construction and maintenance of Easy Park and DC Park throughout the winter
  • Come and encourage the riders during the freestyle events organized in Tignes, such as Mountain Shaker and its Ski Slopestyle World Cup

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