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Snowpark and freestyle zone




Snowparks, easy park, boardercross... The linked domain of Tignes - Val d'Isère is punctuated with free access freestyle areas, easy to reach in no time via the ski lifts. With its lines of green (XS) and blue (S) modules, the Tignes easy park is perfect for beginners and experienced freestylers looking to progress. Already at ease with the discipline? The Snowpark DC is for you! Its three lines of level L and M will allow you to express your technical skills alongside the pro riders of our partner DC, regularly shooting in the resort throughout the winter.


Also to be found in the DC Park: a chill zone with free wifi access



Free access via the Grattalu chairlift and the Col du Palet ski lift



Snowpark de Tignes

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More than a discipline, freestyle represents a real state of mind mixing creativity, audacity and technicality, all wrapped up in a good dose of style and no headaches.


If the cool city kids have a blast skateboarding on the most famous spots in the big cities, the freestyle ski and snowboard enthusiasts meet up with friends on the best snowparks in the region to perfect their tricks. Two venues, two atmospheres! Of course, the urban aspect has not totally disappeared from the landscape (as shown by the metal rails, boxes and other jib zones which add a little spice to the runs); but in Tignes, the tarmac gives way to snow modules shaped in a dream setting, at the foot of the sublime Aiguille Noire de Pramecou.


Good to know

With your Tignes - Val d'Isère ski pass, you can also try out the Val d'Isère snowpark to vary the fun.

Snowboarder et skieur sur la zone freestyle de Tignes


Intimidated by the idea of taking on a discipline whose jargon seems incomprehensible? Don't panic! Warm up with others and start by taking a little tour of the Easy Park, along the Grattalu piste, opposite the snowpark. Its woops (bumps), small tables and big boxes adapted to beginners will make you feel confident. Are you starting to get the hang of it? Perfect your style and learn new tricks with a ski or snowboard instructor specialising in freestyle.


Freestyle is a sport of perseverance: no, you won't pass a rail on the first try, yes, you'll go home with a good collection of videos of "boxes" (falls) on your phone. But it doesn't matter: like in the circus, in freestyle, when you miss... you start again! The Easy Park, just like the snowpark, is free with your ski pass: you can spend most of your holiday there practising until you are perfectly happy with your 360! 


And to have fun sending backflips/frontflips like the pros on the DC Park's black line, go to the trampolines at Tignespace!

Skieur en freestyle sur le snowpark de Tignes


Passion and high standards: these are two essential qualities to be part of the Tignes Shapers Crew, the team of groomers and shapers in charge of all the freestyle areas in Tignes. It's quite simple, when they're not working, they rip up the spot... which they will adjust if necessary after their session until they are perfectly satisfied! After all, one is never so well served as by oneself. The objective is ambitious: to remain in the TOP 10 of the best snowparks in Savoie, and even in the Alps.


If some of the snowpark's modules are rather fixed (this is the case of the tables of the black line, which rest on impressive earthen preforms), other modules such as the small tables, the rails and other jib zones evolve throughout the season, according to the desires of the moment, the events or competitions and the feedback of the professional and amateur freestylers.


As true freestyle enthusiasts, the Tignes shapers have a taste for transmission. That's why as much care is given to the easy park as to the snowpark. It is not rare to see some shapers coming back with their children on the lines for beginners that they themselves have imagined: tested and approved by the dads as much as by their mini-me!





Did you know that? Under the tables of the black line (L) are hidden earthen preforms, allowing to limit the volume of snow necessary to their shape. The result? A snowpark that opens earlier in the season!



Here are a few key dates that have forged the reputation of the resort and made Tignes an international reference for freestyle skiing:


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